Yoga trends that will only get bigger in 2022

During the pandemic, the number of online fitness classes — ranging from HIIT to barre to yoga — has increased exponentially. Online classes offer more customisation (live, on-demand, pay-per-view, membership) and integration (live and in-studio, apps, heart rate monitor), and the quality of classes have only continued to increase in this competitive market.

Fitness and retail analyst Randy Konik told CNBC that “virtual and hybrid workouts work because they’re convenient”. People are going to realise they can work out at a gym three days a week, and then three or four days a week just do something at the house or in the basement,” he added.

Yoga teacher says: “In the past, many yoga students were simply looking for slow-paced beginner-friendly classes, but now, even beginners know what they want, whether it’s a splits-, backbend-, or hips-focused stretch class.

People are seeking more knowledge, and the number of yoga teachers in Singapore has been steadily growing, even among those who don’t plan to teach. They take the teacher training course to learn more.”

What this means for studios: They will need to have a unique edge in order to stand out from the endless options.

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