Why Sabrina Joseph Tan lives by comfortable style

It’s interesting to note that despite the amount of fashion she deals with in her day job, Sabrina Joseph Tan, 32, doesn’t really take a lot of OOTDs for the ‘gram.

She’s chief marketing officer and co-founder of Huntstreet, an authentic luxury online marketplace that has gained a cult status and prominence in her native Indonesia since 2015. Since 2021, it has been steadily growing its presence in Singapore as she set up shop here, following her husband’s job posting.

Besides meeting clients and managing 12 team members at Huntstreet’s warehouse and office in Henderson, her busy schedule includes taking care her three-year-old son – and she juggles all of that while looking stylish to boot.

(Growing up) I actually wanted to be a stewardess, because they always look so well groomed and well mannered.

Today, at Her World’s photo studio, Sabrina is looking every bit like a fashion techpreneur as she unloads a treasure trove of covetable pieces and accessories.

“I’ve become more practical. I dress more casually and younger ever since I moved to Singapore,” she says, before professing her love for a vintage Yves Saint Laurent piece, a recent find from an overseas flea market.

Here, she shares her love for her job, plus some fashion essentials and tips.

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