What time is PMQs today? When to watch Prime Minister’s Questions with Angela Rayner replacing Keir Starmer

Boris Johnson and Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner will go head to head at Prime Minister’s Questions today, after Sir Keir Starmer tested positive for Covid-19.

This is the second time Sir Keir has tested positive, after having the virus back in October, and will be his sixth period of self-isolation since the start of the pandemic.

He will miss the first PMQs of 2022, with MPs returning to the House of Commons today.

The session comes after the Prime Minister announced no new Covid restrictions will be introduced in England, despite the Omicron variant causing record numbers of infections.

Mr Johnson has also been forced to bat away a series of recent scandals, and suffered a damaging by-election defeat to Labour in North Shropshire last month.

Here’s everything you need to know about today’s PMQs, including why it is taking place later than usual.

What time is PMQs today?

Today’s PMQs takes place at the later time of 3pm – it usually starts at midday.

This is because it is MPs’ first day back in the House of Commons after Christmas, so they are only sitting from 2.30pm.

Immediately after PMQs, at 3.30pm, the Prime Minister will make a statement to the Commons confirming that England will continue with Plan B Covid measures.

How can I watch live?

You’ll be able to watch all the action via a live stream on this page.

PMQs is also broadcast live on the UK Parliament YouTube channel, and on BBC News and Sky News on TV, accessible online through BBC iPlayer here and the Sky News live YouTube stream.

What should we expect?

Ms Rayner has sometimes given the Prime Minister a tougher test than Sir Keir, so the Tories may not be thrilled about the Labour leader’s absence.

NHS staff shortages and the lack of availability of Covid tests are likely to be high on her agenda.

In an attempt to tackle NHS staff shortages, the Prime Minister has announced that 100,000 critical workers will be given daily lateral flow tests.

However, TUC’s general secretary Frances O’Grady said the plan does not nearly go far enough.

“This scheme will only reach one in every 100 key workers,” she said. “It’s hopelessly inadequate.”

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting has accused the Prime Minister of complacency amid rising hospitalisations and test shortages.

“There are serious pressures on the NHS,” he said. “The Prime Minister has got to be honest with the country about those pressures and even more importantly set out how he plans to address them.”

Despite the stress on the NHS, the Prime Minister will not introduce any new restrictions in England at this time.

Mr Johnson said at Tuesday’s Downing Street press conference: “As our NHS moves to a war footing, I will be recommending to cabinet that we continue with Plan B.

“We have a chance to ride out this Omicron wave without shutting down our country once again.

“We can keep our schools and our businesses open, and we can find a way to live with this virus.”

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