Watch: Flight attendant discovers snake head in meal during dinner service

Look, it’s safe to say that most airline food is pretty rubbish.

But spare a thought for a poor crew member who discovered a new low – a snake head mixed in with their ravioli and greens.

Watch the bizarre video above.

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The incident allegedly took place on budget airline SunExpress, during a flight from Turkey to Germany on July 21, according to aviation blog One Mile at a Time.

The flight attendant claims that once they were in the air, the crew sat down to eat.

The video of the alleged discovery went viral in Turkey. Credit: Gazete Duvar

The meal was supposed to be ravioli and leafy greens, with a drink, side salad and bread roll.

The steward was halfway through the meal when they made the horrific discovery – the severed head of a small snake.

Seemingly camouflaged by the leafy greens, the video shows a half-empty dinner tray, and upon closer inspection -the head of a small snake.

The flight attendant was served ravioli, leafy greens… and a snake’s head, it seems. Delish. Credit: Gazete Duvar

The video was widely shared in Turkey, prompting SunExpress to take action.

A representative for the airline told Turkish press that the incident was “absolutely unacceptable”, and that the airline had paused its contract with the food supplier in question while an investigation was launched.

Honestly, airline food is bad at the best of times. But this? No thank you. Credit: Gazete Duvar

But it seems the budget carrier has a poor track record of dodgy meals.

According to Turkish news outlet Gazete Duvar, snails and mould had been found in the food by staff in the past.

A spokesman for the airline said: ‘It is our top priority that the services we provide to our guests on our aircraft are of the highest quality and that both our guests and employees have a comfortable and safe flight experience.”

Presenter faints on live TV.

Presenter faints on live TV.

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