VAR slammed as Savic’s headbutt on Sterling goes unpunished

Football enthusiasts slammed VAR after Stefan Savic were given away with a transparent headbutt on Raheem Sterling all over the Champions League tie between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City.

The tournament descended into farcical scenes after Felipe hacked down Phil Foden overdue on. With the midfielder rolling round in agony, Savic sprinted over and tried to haul the England global off the pitch.

That sparked an almighty scrap involving gamers, substitutes and training personnel from each side as German referee Daniel Siebert struggled to take care of keep watch over of the competition. Savic’s manhandling of Foden used to be dangerous sufficient, however replays confirmed he additionally landed a headbutt on Sterling all over the melee.

At the start of the scrap, Savic and Sterling squared up at the fringes of the pitch. As they exchanged phrases, the Montenegro global moved his head in opposition to the City guy, forcing him backwards.

Despite the transparent and glaring nature of the headbutt, VAR failed to pick out up at the incident, and Savic were given away with just a yellow card for the headbutt and his function in inciting all the fracas.

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Stefan Savic aimed a headbutt at Raheem Sterling during the melee
Stefan Savic aimed a headbutt at Raheem Sterling all over the melee

Needless to mention, Manchester City enthusiasts have been livid. One particular person wrote: “Did Savic get a raw deal at City? He played like an absolute thug for the 180 minutes. Pulling hair, potential headbutt – wtf.”

Another person stated: “Cya Felipe. Savic should be gone too after steaming over like that, a headbutt and pulling Grealish’s hair.” A 3rd particular person requested: “Where was VAR after Savic’s headbutt on Sterling?”

“What’s the point in VAR if Savic can headbutt Sterling and still only get a yellow? Absolutely useless,” requested any other disgruntled fan. As a 5th person joked: “That Savic headbutt Stevie Wonder on VAR.”

In his post-match interview, Atletico boss Diego Simeone seemed to play down his facet’s phase within the distasteful scenes in opposition to the end of the tournament.

“Our players were giving the people that energy and the people were giving it back, but of course we couldn’t give them what we all wanted which was going through,” he stated.

VAR didn't do anything about the obvious headbutt
VAR did not do the rest about the most obvious headbutt

“I think football has a lot of different facets and it’s not my place to say if our rivals were playing well or not, or what kind of football they were playing.”

Despite Atletico’s thuggery in opposition to the top, which spilled into the tunnel, City made it via to their 2d Champions League semi-final in as a few years, the place they’ll face Real Madrid.

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