Toto Wolff defends FIA president with call for more ‘scrutiny’ before F1 changes are made | F1 | Sport

“I think that scrutiny needs to be given on the decisions we take,” Wolff mentioned. “For Mohammed, it was important to hear the FIA members’ opinion, and he wasn’t against it, he just needed more time for that decision.”

It does seem as although an increasing number of workforce bosses are coming round to the speculation of accelerating the selection of sprints. And Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi believes it’s only a “matter of time” prior to it’s showed.

“It’s good that all the governing bodies are making sure they’re fully aligned – because once you get there, you cannot really pull back,” he said. “So, I think it’s nice that we are working properly, we will have a bit of a debate and a bit of homework until we get to an alignment, and we just go for it.”

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