Three women share how you can retire earlier in Singapore

When it involves cash issues, what you don’t know can harm you. With retirement and re employment ages for Singapore employees raised to 63 and 68 respectively come July 1, we will’t lend a hand however ask ourselves: How a lot tougher or longer will we need to pass on for?

If you, like us, fantasise about spending our silver years pursuing spare time activities, we now have each dangerous information and just right. The dangerous information is that the trail to monetary freedom calls for diligence, prudence and self assurance; the great is that we’ve got finished a part of the homework for you.

If early retirement a objective you take into account, we talk to 3 money-savvy ladies in Singapore on how to reach that.

Anna Haotanto

Anna Haotanto (AH), founder & CEO of The New Savvy, a monetary, investments and occupation platform that seeks to empower ladies against smarter monetary selections. She may be the managing spouse & CEO at ABZD Capital, in addition to managing director and leader advertising officer at Gourmet Food Holdings – either one of which focal point on funding alternatives within the meals and beverage trade.

“I believe most women want investments that they can understand and afford, and aren’t overly risky. Some of them avoid or fear managing their money due to reasons such as lack of disposable income,”

“Prioritise saving and investing your money as early as possible, so you can enjoy the effects of compounding. If you aren’t very disciplined, try automating your savings. One more thing: get yourself covered for medical expenses and hospital bills.”

Anna Haotanto

Theresa Tan

Teresa Tan (TT), vice-president of Dunn & Partners (Manulife Financial Advisers). A licensed monetary planner with greater than 15 years of trade revel in, she co-founded Pursepective Asia in 2020, which objectives to lend a hand ladies construct a blueprint for his or her monetary long run.

“Most women place their kids and family above their own needs, including finance. Hence, many would rather spend money on, for example, tuition classes for the children instead of saving for their own retirement,”

“When we become ignorant or fearful or busy, we can settle into maintenance mode – but let’s not wait for a crisis to hit to jolt us into action. Through our talks and workshops, Pursepective Asia enables women to take ownership of their money and build their wealth to achieve sound retirement planning.”

Theresa Tan

Cherie Wang

Cherie Wang (CW), co-founder and CEO of Planner Bee. The eponymous cellular app permits you to no longer simplest observe expenditure, financial savings, funding and insurance coverage, but in addition assessment your development against monetary targets. Prior to beginning Planner Bee in 2019, Cherie had spent 13 years of her occupation as a monetary adviser, 12 of which she ranked a number of the most sensible 5 consistent with cent globally.

“Women are so busy because we multitask so much. And when we can catch a breather, updating ourselves on financial literacy may be the furthest thing from our minds. That’s why we designed Planner Bee, so people can view and check straight on their phones where and how they are spending and investing their money.”

“Our app is also especially useful for younger investors. They aren’t just more used to completing transactions on mobile; they also prefer an omnichannel approach and are willing to do their own research before trying to hire a professional financial planner.”

Cherie Wang

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