Thousands of Broward County students head back to class after summer break

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Thousands of students in Broward County headed back to class Tuesday.

“The morning has actually not been as hectic as usual. I think last year was actually a little more hectic,” one parent, Sarah Mizrachi, said.

It was all smiles and hugs at parent drop off at Coconut Creek’s Winston Park Elementary. We even saw Billy the Marlin and met Taylor the K9 officer.

“I was a little worried about getting up early since we haven’t been up early all summer, but it was great,” Mizrachi said.

Superintendent Vickie Cartwright toured a music classroom and an art classroom at Winston Park Tuesday, but her day started much earlier than that as yellow school buses rolled out before sunrise to take around 60,000 Broward students to their first day of school.

Sky 10 flew above the bus terminal in Pembroke Pines as the buses headed out on 700 morning routes.

“This is an amazing day,” Cartwright said. “We’ve been preparing for this since school let out back in June.”


Local 10 first caught up with the superintendent as she began her day from the north area school bus terminal in Pompano Beach.

“We have a lot to get through this year – we know that,” she said. “We know that there are still some learning gaps that are out there, however we also know that with certified instruction, the certified personnel in the classrooms that’s happening, that they’re able to really assess where are some of those learning gaps, individualized instruction and make a huge difference for our students.”

On Monday, teachers were briefed on the district’s new plain language emergency system.

Cartwright also addressed teacher vacancies, which were a concern over the summer.

“(On the) first day of school, every core academic classroom will have a certified teacher in front of our children,” she said.

She also said every bus route will have a certified bus driver Tuesday.

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