These 2 guys make lactation nut butter for breastfeeding mums

Lactation food products like cookies and beverages have mushroomed in the market. And if you aren’t yet familiar with the term, they’re foods made with galactagogues or ingredients that are supposed to help increase breast milk supply in breastfeeding mothers.

And there’s a new player in the scene called 2nutguys. Yes, that’s right, as the name implies, it’s helmed by two Singaporean guys, Lee Chee Leong, 37, and David Ho, 34, who offer what they deem Singapore’s first lactation nut butter.

Why lactation products? Chee Leong first hit on the idea after witnessing how challenging it was for his wife to breastfeed when their newborn arrived. “It was a mixture of not only joy but also helplessness,” he shares, “And that helplessness inspired me to challenge and solve the lactation problems.”

They both have day jobs, with David an employee benefits broker who’s been an entrepreneur for over a decade while Chee Leong works in the fintech industry and runs his company’s Asia Pacific operations. Here, Chee Leong talks about building the brand, the challenges of running the business in a female-centric industry, and working with mothers.

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