These 10 Singapore wedding photographers take modern, swoon-worthy pictures

Kompactfaen unabashedly stands out from the rest with their raw and breathtakingly restrained take on everything that transposes during your big day.

With a focus on delving deeper, you’ll be sure to be astounded by how Kompactfaen delivers the emotions felt, the connections made.

“As much as wedding is a joyous event and a celebration of a union between two parties, it is an occasion layered with relief, gratitude, some worries for what’s to come in the future and strong commitment. […] Instead of focusing on an event, we often look for the reason behind a particular event that is planned to happen.

Inspired by late Renaissance paintings and the technique of Chiaroscuro, we tend to mimic low-key, dramatic lighting, stronger contrast and warmer tones to accentuate and convey relationships and feelings across.”

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Contact: hello@kompactfaen.com

Website: www.kompactfaen.com

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