The ultimate guide to ‘growing’ longer and thicker eyelashes naturally!

Most folks fork out excellent cash for a stimulating scalp therapeutic massage on the salon, so it makes excellent sense to do the similar on your eyelashes, proper?

Here’s how you can bump up blood float to the orbital area and galvanise the expansion of your lashes. Warming up a dollop or two of a lubricating light-weight eye serum between your blank arms and ranging from the interior corners, press gently to your higher lash line for roughly 5 seconds, inching outwards at five-second periods.

Remember, at all times press outwards, transferring out of your tear ducts to the tapering finish of your eyelid. This bit is necessary: Fanning outwards aids in funnelling gathered fluid into lymphatic channels for drainage. And sure, memorise this maxim in terms of anything else eye-related –  at all times press, by no means rub.

In any case, the prodding of your force issues additionally activates fluid drainage for a de-puffing impact, plus it’ll really feel lovely darn excellent after an extended day of eyeballing your digital tool.

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