The Lululemon clothes that are worth the money

My love affair with Lululemon started when I was a fitness writer for Shape Singapore magazine in 2013. At Shape, part of my job involved sifting through and trying out all sorts of newfangled workout gear.

The first Lululemon apparel I wore was a tank top with a built-in bra and a pair of pants — both were loaned to me for a work-related barre class trial. I loved how the top was designed with a feminine U-neck and subtle ruched details that looked both sporty and girly. The top had a relaxed yet structured fit so it stayed nicely around my waist without clinging to my skin. I remember the pants being uber soft and comfy.

Since that day, I knew Lululemon was on to something (sheer pants fiasco aside) because I’d not experienced that level of thoughtfulness in design, as well as softness and stretchiness in workout tights before. I was eager to find out if there was more to that activewear magic I’d experienced.

Fortunately, being a fitness writer exposed me to plenty of activewear brands, and gave me opportunities to rub shoulders with different types of Lululemon consumers: athletes, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, yoga practitioners… Through those interactions, my interest in Lululemon grew, and I was inspired to purchase and try different Lululemon products to build up my knowledge base. Of course, I can’t deny that this was also a reason to cave in to my shopping temptations.

My investment in Lululemon

Over the years, I’ve invested a few thousand dollars in Lululemon apparel and accessories: bras, tops, pants, shorts, underwear, sweater wraps, yoga towel… Most were for myself while the rest were bought as gifts. Besides my purchases, I’ve also received Lululemon items as part of media drops, and gifts from friends and family who know about my love for the brand. So yes, I’d say I’ve tried a fair share of Lululemon clothes on various occasions — from workouts to casual wear — to form firm opinions about them.

Full disclosure: I’m not a Lululemon ambassador, and was not paid to write this. Honestly, not every item is worth its price tag. Here are my top Lululemon recommendations for women — the ones that I’d gladly buy again, for myself or as gifts for my friends and family.

My top Lululemon recommendations

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