The ‘English Maradona’ suffered ‘split lip’ after gang of 15-20 kids attacked him

Ex-childhood prodigy Sonny Pike, who was once as soon as dubbed ‘the new Maradona’, as soon as suffered a cut up lip after a gang of “20 or 15 kids” set upon him after he went to the cinema with buddies.

Murmurs of Pike’s improbable ability first started to swirl across the footballing universe when he was once as younger as eight-years-old. By the time he had reached his teenage years, the likes of Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and Mizuno have been already taking a look to devote him to promoting offers, whilst the likes of Tottenham and Ajax have been additionally scouting his growth.

But the surreal popularity at this sort of younger age continuously ended in a fog of jealousy and hatred descending upon many people, who both sought after to hack him at the soccer pitch and even harm him of it. And Pike, who’s now 39 years previous, unfolded on a petrifying incident which noticed an uncongenial gang apply him to a cinema.

“My local area, football aside, people came to Enfield from areas such as Tottenham and Edmonton,” Pike mentioned to the Under the Cosh podcast. “I was in a cinema once and I was watching some old-school 90s film like Cool Runnings, with five of my mates.

“One of my mates has gone out, come back into the cinema and said to me ‘there’s about 20 kids out there who want to weigh you in and they’re waiting for you to come out of the cinema’ and I froze. It was nothing to do with football they just knew me from the area.

“I remember, I was thinking ‘whoa please don’t let this film finish.” When the movie completed, Pike was once glad to look the crowd had left.

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Pike was followed by the likes of Ajax and Tottenham when he was barely a teenager
Pike was once adopted through the likes of Ajax and Tottenham when he was once slightly a young person

Unfortunately, the terrifying ordeal was once some distance from over for the teenager. “I walked home and they had gone to my local park and as I’ve gone to get to my house, they’ve seen me and they’ve all come running down the road,” Pike added.

“They pretty much took up the whole street. They come running down at me and one of them cracked me and sent me into the road.

“I had a big split lip but I got back into my house. That was just one, I must have had that maybe five to ten times.”

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