SunFest wraps up successful 4 days in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Sunday marked the overall evening for SunFest in downtown West Palm Beach.

“I’m just excited that it’s all back and the weather has been beautiful,” West Palm Beach resident Michael Bass instructed WPTV.

Bass attended all 4 days of the downtown live performance.

“It’s just good to see people throughout the city again after the last couple of years of everything being so low-key,” Bass stated.

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Sunfest was once anticipated to usher in greater than 175,000 other folks to downtown West Palm Beach after two years off on account of the pandemic.

West Palm Beach resident Michael Bass, SunFest concertgoer


Michael Bass talks concerning the pleasure of attending SunFest following the pandemic.

“I’m gonna be coming [to the show] until I’m on my last breath,” stated concertgoer John Lessard.

He stated he attended the first actual SunFest within the Nineteen Eighties and hasn’t ever overlooked a display.

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“I’m gonna get emotional because I remember those days and they were great, always been a good SunFest. People would come from all over,” Lessard stated. “It’s still kicking and it’s still jamming, and I feel like a kid again every time I come.”

Staff with SunFest stated Sunday felt like SunFest ahead of the pandemic with distributors just like the Tropical Cafe welcoming again smiling faces, serving up their well-known pineapple rooster rice.

Ishmael Winn with Tropical Cafe at SunFest, May 1, 2022


Ishmael Winn was once some of the distributors serving up tasty meals at this 12 months’s SunFest.

“It feels good just to see people again having fun,” Ishmael Winn with Tropical Cafe. “Everybody came to eat their favorite food.”

The tournament wrapped up with the ceremonial fireworks display, marking the top of the 2022 season and shining the best way for future years.

“I probably might be 60 years old still out here serving me some food, haha,” Winn stated.

Staff remains to be crunching the numbers to assemble the attendance for this 12 months’s SunFest, however they are looking forward to a just right turnout and say they are already running on subsequent 12 months’s festivities.

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