Stylish Chinese New Year outfits to suit every mood

Chinese New Year is upon us again. One of the important things to check off your pre-CNY to-do list — besides reading all about your zodiac’s lucky colours — is to shop for new clothes.

Why? So that you can look and feel fresh and fab to welcome the new lunar year. There are two ways to do this. You can do the predictable: Pick a fail-safe, full-on red ensemble and consider it sorted. Or, go with a look that truly reflects your mood, while still looking chic during house visits and reunion dinners.

To help you with the latter, we’ve come up with five key styles. From retro lover to trendsetter, each of them showcases a different side of you. One thing’s for sure: Add the pieces below to your lineup of CNY clothes, and you’re all set to look your best this festive period.

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