Savannah veterans mark Memorial Day, say remember the fallen

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The sounds of faucets echoed at Laurel Grove Cemetery Monday as veterans and households of veterans amassed for a rite to mark Memorial Day.

“Those of us who are still breathing cannot repay the sacrifice of their lives defending us but at least we can, and we must remember them,” stated James Putney, Jr. the commander of the American Leader William P. Jordan Post 500.

Eddie Patterson who served in Gulf War was once a kind of in attendance.

“To know that someone sacrificed their life so that America could have freedom is a very important thing and I think everyone should look at Memorial Day a lot differently than we do,” stated Patterson.

Patterson believes sooner than households acquire for BBQ or others buy groceries for gross sales that they will have to attend a Memorial Day rite first.

There was once one veteran there from World War II, a host from Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the hot wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“It’s a day for us to come together and honor those who didn’t make it back, one day set aside by the country to do that,” stated Joe Higgins, an Iraq veteran who’s the pinnacle of the Savannah Veterans Council. “But for those of us who had friends that died and the family members who had loved ones who passed away, they remember those guys every day.”

The Savannah Veterans Council joined the William P. Jordan Post 500 in organizing this tournament

“Missions may end but the legacies last,” stated Putney.

“We continue to lose American heroes every day in military training, accidents and missions the world. The loss to their families, friends fellow service members the loss to their families is permanent,” stated Putney.

Putey stated that “remembering our fallen heroes every year isn’t sufficient. “

“Just remember those that sacrificed for us because they died so we could be here,” he stated.

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