Run in with toxic toad puts dog’s life in jeopardy

ESTERO, Fla. — A run in with a poisonous toad left one Estero lady being concerned for her canine’s existence.

Christine Squires has lived on Rookery Drive in Estero for greater than two years. She’s had her golden retriever Barkley for a bit of greater than a 12 months.

“He gets into everything. He chases lizards, he chases rabbits,” stated Squires.

On a wet night time this weekend, Squires and her husband spotted their canine that specialize in one a part of their yard.

“We saw our dog in the corner licking, licking, licking something,” stated Squires. “I said to my husband-what is he licking? He said, oh I don’t know. He’ll be fine.”

They briefly discovered Barkley used to be licking a toddler bufo toad that Squires stated used to be the scale of her thumb.

“All of the sudden he was literally sick as a dog. He just was vomiting profusely for a couple of hours,” she stated.

A veterinarian instructed Squires to wipe any extra toad venom out of Barkley’s mouth with a rag. Thankfully, Barkley used to be k.

Taylor Hancock is a pupil on the Water School at Florida Gulf Coast University, he additionally research bufo toads a couple of miles from Squires’ Estero house.

He stated the toads secrete a poisonous venom as a protection mechanism. He stated the toads are invasive and are incessantly noticed when the solar is going down in neighborhoods round Southwest Florida, particularly this time of 12 months.

“They breed year round but now that we’re getting more into the wet and rainy season starting up in May,” stated Hancock. “They’re more and more abundant, there’s water everywhere they can breed in more places and can exist in more places.”

Since the toads are invasive, Hancock stated it’s wonderful to humanely euthanize them. He stated one of the best ways to try this is to freeze them however he admits that’s now not the most well liked way by means of maximum.

“Most folks don’t want these big invasive toads in their freezer,” he stated.

Hancock stated they are living close to drains, sprinklers and any place clear of the solar. Meanwhile, Squires is caution different puppy homeowners to pay attention to the poisonous toads lurking round your group.

“If you see your dog going after something, reel them in because they are truly deadly,” stated Squires.

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