Rishi Sunak mocked for lukewarm endorsement of Boris Johnson amid leadership rumours | Politics | News

Another user, @pompey9219, commented: “Even in times of complete political turmoil, you will find politicians sitting on an imaginary fence of political purgatory.”

Others more explicitly questioned how Mr Sunak may be considering potential leadership bids in his brief acknowledgement of this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Kevin Maguire, associate editor of the Mirror, commented: “Sunak’s support for Johnson is so half-hearted it’s funny.”

The Financial Times’ Whitehall editor, Sebastian Payne, wrote that Mr Sunak’s tweet had “no actual endorsement of the Prime Minister”, while former England rugby player Brian Moore pinpointed how Mr Sunak’s plan for jobs may also include plans for his own job – potentially as Tory leader.

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