Pressure’s always been a part of growing up for Chan Chun Sing’s children, he says, Latest TV News

Having a well known minister as your father or mother isn’t simple for a kid. 

Some extent now not misplaced on Minister for Education Chan Chun Sing. 

The 52-year-old used to be just lately a visitor on Dishing With Chris Lee, the place he mentioned parenting with actor-host Christopher Lee.

Lee requested Mr Chan if his children felt force when it got here to their research as a result of their dad’s a minister.

Mr Chan, who has a 21-year-old daughter and two sons elderly 13 and 11, mentioned: “When our eldest used to be in number one faculty, I wasn’t a minister but, so we had been similar to any odd Singaporean circle of relatives. 

“I became a minister when she was in secondary school, so she may have felt a little pressure (then). If she did well in school, people would say that was a given, as she’s a minister’s daughter. If she didn’t do well, they’d say as a minister’s daughter, shouldn’t she do better?”

Mr Chan mentioned studying how to deal with such force has been a part of the growing-up procedure for his youngsters, including that he doesn’t discuss grades with them.

What he has emphasized to them as an alternative are “determination and discipline”.

“Right from the start, I told them it was more important that they have determination and discipline. To overcome difficulties, you need discipline. If you can pick yourself up and keep going even after you fall, then you will succeed.”

Perhaps the minister’s stance is a results of his personal folks’ option to his research. 

Mr Chan mentioned his folks by no means burdened him or anticipated him to change into a attorney or physician when he used to be a kid.

His mom had reminded him most effective to not repeat a 12 months at school, as it could value further faculty charges and he’d have to begin running a 12 months past due.

“What’s most important is that the child makes their own choice,” he mentioned.

Every kid is presented in numerous techniques so that they will have to be given the gap to find what they prefer and do what they experience, he added, stating {that a} kid don’t have room for creativeness if each hour in their day is full of actions.

When requested if he sends his youngsters for tuition, Mr Chan printed that his youngsters do take categories outdoor faculty – however most effective to be informed issues now not taught at school.

Otherwise, he mentioned, his youngsters may well be bored going for tuition categories to be informed the similar issues taught at school. They may now not listen as a lot, in consequence. 

Classes outdoor faculty will have to assist widen his youngsters’s views and make allowance them to be informed new issues.

When actor Kym Ng discussed how number one faculty scholars are extra susceptible to accommodation lawsuits in opposition to lecturers at the moment – one thing that used to be extraordinary again within the day – Mr Chan mentioned he used to be in truth extra occupied with folks’ lawsuits.

He felt that folks will have to now not be overprotective, as that may motive scholars to change into over-reliant on their folks to resolve their issues for them.

Parents need to paintings with lecturers or faculties intently, Mr Chan mentioned.

“The feedback sharing should be two-way: When parents observe anything amiss about students at home, they can discuss them with the teachers. Similarly, teachers can share their observations with parents.”

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