Outlander star Scott Kyle writes book on rollercoaster rise to fame

Outlander actor Scott Kyle is writing a book about the rollercoaster high and lows of his personal life and career after his rise to fame in the Starz TV series with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.

Scott, 38, from Rutherglen, has also starred in hit shows including anti-sectarian play I’m No A Billy, He’s A Tim at 2010’s Edinburgh Fringe for which he won the best actor award.

He has appeared in movies including Angel’s Share and Kajaki (Kilo Two Bravo in the US), which was nominated for a Bafta.

As well as teaching workshops on acting he now runs the hugely successful Highlander Fling and attends conventions in the US following his role as Jacobite Ross in time-travelling fantasy Outlander, which has amassed him more than half a million followers online.

However despite his success and fame now, he’s keen for fans to know the real journey he’s been on to get to where he is and the challenges he’s faced.

And he admitted that writing his story, titled ‘It’s Not Where You Start’ which begins with his upbringing in a single parent family in Rutherglen, has been a type of therapy.

Scott said: “The book is turning into therapy for me because there are things that have happened to me in childhood that affected my decisions later in life.”

Scott recounts a particular time when he tried to ‘tidy up his past’ by helping his mum during the huge success of his hit show I’m No A Billy, He’s A Tim.

And he recounts how it all went belly up – which left him and his future wife struggling.

Scott Kyle in Starz TV hit Outlander

He explained: “When I was fourteen my brother moved out and I had noone to chat through things with and the council tax arrested my mum’s wages and we had no money.”

“When my play I’m No A Billy, He’s A Tim took off aged 22 I made a lot of money and I walked into the council tax office and paid off my mum’s council debt of £6000.

“I paid off her mortgage too. I had the goose that laid the golden egg, and I was about to marry Karen, but then it went pear shaped.”

He added: “I was tidying up my past but didn’t look properly at my future and there is guilt in there.”

“That’s just one wee story, but there’s lots of little things that try to stop you along the way.”

The book gives fans of Scott a chance to join the dots and he hopes his tale will inspire others who have come from a similar background.

Scott Kyle and his wife Karen prepare to meet HRH The Queen

Scott admits that when he first went to college to study theatre he didn’t know what a monologue was.

For the book he’s had chats and interviews with his dad, mum, brother and even his neighbour as well as his wife to get their perspective on his stories.

And although he’s left Outlander he’d gladly go back.

He said: “Outlander is one of the biggest and best shows on TV and the cast and crew are the best. I’m very proud to have played a part in it and if I’m not to go back in, that’s fine.”

Scott is about to appear in new movie 1000 Flames, set in the music industry, and a play about mental health called One Mississippi and you can read more about what he’s up to here.

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