Olaf Scholz risks fury as he REFUSES to say he wants Ukraine to win bloody war with Russia | World | News

The German Chancellor again and again denied that he sought after the rustic to win in spite of saying that Berlin would supply Kyiv with anti-aircraft guns.

After weeks of complaint over Germany’s reported reluctance to lend a hand Ukraine within the warfare, Mr Scholz showed the Bundestag would ship Kyiv an IRIS-T air defence machine.

Speaking with ministers, he stated: “It is Germany’s most modern air defence system.

“Ukraine will be able to protect an entire city from Russian air raids.”

However, the German leader fell short of saying he wanted Ukraine to win the war despite vowing to continue supporting the country “so long as essential”.

When confronted by Friedrich Merz, the German opposition leader, Mr Scholz stated that “Putin must not achieve his goals” and that Europe was opposed to Russian “imperialism”.

Mr Merz replied: “Why don’t you are saying it? Is there a 2d schedule?”

Following on from the meeting, Mr Scholz appeared to reiterate his refusal to answer whether he wanted Kyiv to win the war, tweeting: “It can be conceited and beside the point to speak on this nation about battle targets.

“Only the Ukrainians and their president come to a decision at the stipulations for peace… our function is that Putin doesn’t win and Ukraine can shield itself.”

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The apparent refusal reflects concerns by some EU leaders over Germany’s response to the Ukraine war compared to some other Western nations.

The UK, along with other countries such as Poland and the US has provided Ukraine with huge amounts of weaponry and diplomatic support since Putin gave the first orders to invade Ukraine in February. 

However, the country’s media reports that Germany hasn’t sent any significant military assistance to Kyiv in weeks and has so far failed to deliver Leopard tanks to Warsaw to replace tanks delivered from Poland to Ukraine.


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