Neighbor calls 911 on Cape Coral man shooting iguanas in his backyard

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – A Cape Coral guy was once met with law enforcement officials knocking on his entrance door after his neighbor known as the law enforcement officials on him for taking pictures iguanas within the yard.

John Meyer was once out of doors taking pictures the invasive iguanas together with his pellet gun on Saturday.

“When they’re on my property, especially the big ones, I shoot them,” he mentioned.

You see, the issue is iguanas like to hang around in this dock. Meyer doesn’t just like the droppings they go away at the back of at the deck and on his boat.

“I’ve had a lot of issues with them,” he mentioned. “A lot of mess I keep cleaning off.”

It’s no longer simply their left at the back of industry, the crawling critters controlled to get on his boat as neatly.

“I heard boom and I turned around and look and there was one of the big iguanas, we’re not talking baby ones, we’re talking the big boys,” Meyer mentioned. “I kinda wrestled him. I swung him around and around and he shot off into the canal.”

With that during thoughts, he’s had sufficient. Meyer began taking pictures them together with his pellet gun. He makes use of plastic-tipped pellets to kill the iguanas.

All was once going neatly till he was once doing away with one of the most infiltrating iguanas on Saturday. That’s when the neighbor piped up from around the canal.

“He asked me specifically, ‘What the f*** are you doing,’” Meyer mentioned. “I returned and said, ‘I’m f**king killing an iguana.’”

That will have to no longer have sat neatly with the neighbor. They known as 911. Ten mins later, Cape Coral Police officials had been knocked on Meyer’s entrance door.

He confirmed police his weapons and officials gave him the all-clear.

“There’s a safe way to do it and a stupid way to do it,” he mentioned. “And I think I pride myself on doing it the safe way.”

Iguanas are invasive to Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission says you’ll be able to kill them in your assets.

In this neck of the woods, they’re all too commonplace.

“They cross the street,” Jorge Fuentes mentioned.

He doesn’t suppose they must be killed however somewhat relocated. The giant ones despite the fact that, they’re a distinct tale.

“I think those could harm a child, a small child,” Fuentes mentioned.

Back around the canal, John doesn’t need a reptile to wreck a dating.

“I think the individual owes me an apology, you know, Meyer said. “I owe them an apology for getting down on his level and cussing back at him, but I didn’t instigate it.”

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