My experience at the new water-play park at Lazarus Beach

Having been stuck in Singapore for almost two years, I am slowly running out of things to do and there are only so many staycations and trips to Sentosa that I can go for. 

While the Vaccination Travel Lanes (VTL) are up and running, I’m still a little hesitant about jetting off somewhere because of all the additional costs

So, when I heard that Lazarus Beach has a mobile water-play park called Splash Adventure, I was intrigued. Perhaps it could give me the feeling of being away from Singapore.

This essentially is a floating platform that comes equipped with features like trampolines, jump platforms, a slide and a diving board. From the pictures alone, it looked like one of those floating aqua parks in Langkawi. 

The entry fee is $45 per pax and chargeable by the hour, but from now till the end of December, they are having a special launch price of $30. However, this does not include the price of the ferry ticket and you have to purchase that separately. 

Another thing to note is that Splash Adventure is only open on weekends and public holidays so unfortunately, you can’t visit them on a weekday while you’re clearing leave. 

Is it the next ideal weekend destination for families and thrill-seekers? Well, I decided to visit Splash Adventure myself to check it out.

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