Loveaisyah founder on the modern baju kurung

Aisyah Lim have been operating as a way purchaser and clothier for two decades when she made up our minds to surrender to spend extra time with circle of relatives. A couple of months into her ruin, a chum inspired her to start out a web based style industry on her personal, and he or she discovered herself rising increasingly more enthusiastic about the speculation.

“I thought it’d be good to do something I’m passionate about. I enjoy shopping for baju kurung during Ramadan but always felt that it was a pity to only wear them once a year, so I was inspired to create tops and bottoms that are versatile enough to mix and match with everyday pieces,” explains the Chinese Muslim.

“Plus, the traditional baju kurung can be uncomfortable to wear for the whole day, so I was determined to change the material used.”

She went directly to release fashionable baju kurung emblem Loveaisyah in 2019 and designs each assortment from scratch. Now, she works from house and travels to China two times a yr to catch up with her manufacturing group. The 45-year-old tells us about how she changed into a Muslim and her purpose of creating the baju kurung extra available to non-Muslim girls.

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