Local WWII veterans headed to Normandy for D-Day anniversary

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A gaggle of native World War II veterans are departing from Tampa International Airport Thursday to wait the ceremonies commemorating the 78th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France.

“Many of us realize if they’ve ever talked to a WWII vet they are very humble,” stated Amanda Baldwin, the co-chair of the travel backed through the Florida State Elks Association.

Both Malen Griep and Angel Maldonado are participants of the Greatest Generation. They have been simply 18 and 17 years previous when their provider within the U.S. Army started all through World War II.

“I just go back to they were kids and they fought for our country,” Baldwin stated.

Maldonado spent 18 months in Japan.

“They didn’t allow us to go in restaurants to eat because we didn’t know if they were gonna poison us,” he stated.

Griep fought in Europe and witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust as American troops liberated the Dachau focus camp in Germany in April 1945.

“The tanks rolled in and knocked the gate down, that’s where we walked,” Gripe stated. “My group headed to the railyards.”

Both of those WWII veterans stated they’re venerated to commute to Normandy for the 78th anniversary of the Allied invasion that became the tide within the conflict in opposition to the Nazis.

“We are free because of what they did and what they did prevented that conflict from coming to our land other than Pearl Harbor,” Baldwin stated.

The Florida State Elks Association has additionally arranged journeys for veterans to seek advice from Pearl Harbor.

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