Lewis Steakhouse to offer ‘steak flight’ in Jupiter

JUPITER, Fla. — Florida’s oldest steak home is increasing to a brand new location in Jupiter on Friday.

It may not be known as Okeechobee Steakhouse, however as an alternative, Lewis Steakhouse, as a result of they are saying that can assist get rid of confusion when reserving reservations.

Ralph Lewis’ circle of relatives has owned Florida’s oldest steakhouse for some time.

“We’ve owned Okeechobee steakhouse 75 years,” stated Lewis

The circle of relatives and “Steak”holders know a factor or two about operating a cafe. And are opening a brand new location. It’s taken longer than anticipated.

“There’s a laundry list of obstacles,” Lewis admitted.

The circle of relatives took over the previous Giuseppe’s spot in Jupiter’s Chasewood Plaza in June of 2022.

“When we purchased it in June was to open in November of ‘ 21,” stated Lewis.

But getting the fundamentals, like stoves, and even Crown Royle took some time and driven again opening by way of over six months.

“The supply chain issue is affecting everything from glassware, flatware, plates, even napkins and to-go bags,” stated Lewis.

ON TOP OF development delays
“We couldn’t get sheetrock,” Lewis stated.

ON TOP OF a hard work scarcity.

“We pay dishwashers $17/hour we pay line cooks $25/hour and up. We offer health insurance, dental, a week’s paid vacation, so we care about our people,” stated Lewis.

Plus primary vacations off, extraordinary within the eating place business, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

Lewis admits he’s ruffling feathers within the eating place business.

“I’ve had a few comments from some wanting to know how and why we’re paying an offer and how we can offer that and you just you just have to figure it out. If you’re a smart savvy business owner, you’ll figure it out.,” Lewis stated.

ON TOP OF inflation inflammation

“There is some food that went up a 150%,” complained Lewis.

And with books going again a long time, they may be able to turn out it.

“We’ve seen food go up more last year than in the last 75 years,” stated Lewis.

Restaurants, in pre-pandemic time, have a trade type with kind of a 25% benefit margin.

“No one in the restaurant business has hit those kind of numbers today. No way,” stated Lewis. “You can stay afloat, you just have to stay busy.”

For visitors, the loose birthday dinner be offering continues like at The Okeechobee Steakhouse. And the Lewis Steakhouse can have a signature menu merchandise of a steak flight for 2.

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