‘It wasn’t the slap that bothered me’

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. — After twenty years of website hosting the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on WPTV NewsChannel 5, Leno is a philanthropist, best-selling writer, and car collector and is appearing a family-friendly stand-up display on the Kravis Center on Sunday, April 17 at 8 p.m. Tickets get started at $39 plus taxes and charge.

Excerpts of WPTV’s Jay Leno interview

T.A. Walker – Jay, how are you?

Jay Leno – Good? Yeah, I’ll inform a couple of jokes [and] attempt to make a residing. That’s the gig.

TA – You had been in Boca on Tuesday. Then you flew [to California] and now you might be gonna come again this [Florida] this weekend. What had been you doing in Boca?

Jay – I used to be in Redondo Beach, California Monday night time. Tuesday at midday, I had a company date in Boca. And then Tuesday night time, I had the Performing Arts Center at Thousand Oaks, California. So yeah, just right routing, is not it? That’s what you name a just right agent. (laughs) Yeah. Instead of striking the 2 California dates after which move to Florida, you set it in between. So you might be flying each and every six hours principally. (guffawing)

Leno on Politics

TA – What’s your display about Jay?

Jay – It’s simply conventional stand-up comedy. You know, I used to do numerous politics. I simply stopped as a result of it is so divisive. I imply, I to find audiences whilst you discussed a candidate’s title, they pause and they’ve to make a decision which aspect you’re at the shaggy dog story earlier than they snigger on the shaggy dog story…

Jay – Rodney Dangerfield used to be a mentor and a just right pal of mine. And I knew Rodney, God, 50 years, and I had no thought who he voted for… …It simply did not arise. And you recognize when you’re taking politics out of the combo… It’s like going to [the movies]. Sometimes you simply wish to move to the films and spot a film and I do not wish to find out about I do not wish to be skilled. I simply wish to break out from it and experience it. And that is roughly the theory.

TA – It’s fascinating that you just say that as a result of we are an NBC associate. So folks make assumptions about everyone that works at [WPTV], however we are additionally a Fox associate so we confuse folks as a result of we are owned by means of neither corporate, however [people] at all times have one thing that they will say and you’ll be able to’t win.

Jay – That’s what I’m pronouncing! People will make up their thoughts [by asking] ‘Who do you opt for? Oh, I’m now not observing you recognize.

Leno on Will Smith

TA – Anything I have never requested you that you need so as to add?

Jay – …I by no means really feel ‘Here’s what folks want to know.’ You know, it used to be my favourite factor in regards to the Academy Awards, ‘[Everybody] knew [Jada Pinkett Smith] had alopecia.’ I did not know, I’m sorry. I were given my very own issues. I did not know I had alopecia. I did not know you (gesturing to T.A.) had alopecia proper there (laughter). [The] concept that celebrities assume everyone is aware of. I believe it used to be [William] Shatner, ‘And I believe numerous you could now not know that I’ve hemorrhoids.’ No, I do not. You know, I watch Star Trek. It by no means even took place to me. You know, I imply, why why would you recognize that? Why would I wish to know that?

T.A. – You know the way repeatedly they make amusing of me for being bald? If I were given dissatisfied, I’d be slapping everyone!

Jay – Well, that is what I imply. That’s what I imply. Because what you recognize, I believe there is extra to it than that clearly, you recognize, are we able to all come to the settlement, open marriages do not paintings. Okay. I’m sorry. You know, in case you simply wish to screw round, simply screw round, however let’s now not fake that open marriages… and I’ve by no means, I’ve by no means noticed a type of figure out. Maybe there is folks… that I once more, I’m now not I’m now not forcing myself on any one.

Jay – But you recognize, one thing Will is a superb man. I’ve recognized him a very long time and it wasn’t the slap that me as a result of that is response; that is [he] used to be within the chair yelling obscenities the place you move, ‘Whoa.’ And then to do it once more. Well, I imply, you had a minute to transparent your head there. You will have to have taken it and it did not transparent. It did not transparent once more and went ‘Oh, you recognize, there is some emotional factor happening right here.’ And I am hoping I am hoping he will get it straightened out. I imply, [I don’t] make amusing of him. I’m now not making amusing of him. I do know him. He’s at all times been a tight man, style citizen, just right position style. There’s some emotional factor there [I] hope he will get it straightened out.”

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