Indonesian man says he took Covid vaccines on behalf of 14 people, Latest World News

Indonesian authorities are investigating a man’s claim that he had been running a jab-for-hire service, for which he has received 14 shots of the Covid-19 vaccine on behalf of others.

The man, Mr Abdul Rahim, 49, from South Sulawesi, recorded a video containing his testimony, where he said he had taken 16 jabs in total.

In exchange for taking these shots, he received payments ranging from IDR100,000 (S$9.50) to IDR800,000 (S$75.90) for each jab.

According to online news portal Detik, Mr Abdul Rahim, a construction worker, received two types of Covid-19 vaccines – Astra Zeneca and Sinovac.

He claimed he received three shots on one particular day, and only experienced mild side effects like drowsiness.

It’s not clear what motivated Mr Abdul Rahim to make his confession public or if he has to receive the second doses of each person who hired him.

His family revealed that he suffers from mental disorders, news outlet Kompas reported, though the authorities said he would have to undergo a medical examination to verify his condition.

The police said on Dec 23 that nine people, including Mr Abdul Rahim, are being investigated on the matter.

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