Ian Fang’s dating someone, says him and Rebecca Lim just ‘good friends’, Latest TV News

It seems the wedding bug might be going around, what with all the local celebrities getting hitched lately. 

Word on the ground is that 32-year-old actor Ian Fang, who is starring in new meWATCH series, Mr Zhou’s Ghost Stories @ Job Haunting, isn’t exempt from the trend either. 

When the Mediacorp actor did a phone interview with 8 Days recently, he was naturally asked about his love life. 

His reply? Yes, he’s seeing someone. 

Fang was hush hush with the details and revealed only that his new love is not in showbiz. 

Describing himself as a “traditional” person, he also revealed his desire to settle down and have children eventually. 

Perhaps that’s why he was gutted when actress Rebecca Lim announced her wedding plans recently. 

If you need a recap: They were rumoured to have dated for an unknown period, during which Ian allegedly cheated on her with another Mediacorp actress, Carrie Wong.

Fang was then terribly and openly unhappy when Lim announced her engagement in mid-November.

In a now-deleted post, he said  “not every Christopher Lee will have his Fann Wong”, along with a song recommendation about a man attending his ex’s wedding (“So this is how it feels,” he mused).

But whatever it was that stirred up his public lamentations, Fang said he’s feeling “fine”  now, and firmly maintained that he and Rebecca were always just “good friends”.

“This is [Rebecca’s] own personal and private matter, and I just wish her well,” said Fang. “I’m very happy for her, and also for James [Seah], Desmond [Tan], and everyone else who’s getting married. It’s very nice and it means that everybody is growing up,” he told 8 Days. 

Alright then, Ian. Here’s to growing up, and hearing your own wedding bells soon. 

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