How to incorporate curved elements into your home

In our years of interviewing homeowners and designers, we have come across so many literal curves. The top reasons designers incorporate curves into home interiors is, one: to soften the feel of the space; two: the owners requested them, and three: curves are the appropriate solution to a design problem.

Meanwhile, homeowners’ top reasons are more simple: they just like them. “Why?” we asked, and the answers are usually because they make the space look and feel good.

In a home setting, it is expressed architecturally via walls and openings or via a variety of furniture both built-in and loose pieces, adding curvy elements is an effective design strategy to lend an organic touch, soften an otherwise sterile space and eliminate sharp corners and edges, and thus, inspire a feeling of comfort and wellness.

So how do we best incorporate them into our space? Here are some case studies and tips for architectural elements.

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