How to get Charlene Choi’s cherubic, baby face

Hong Kong star Charlene Choi has been enthralling us with her singing since her debut as one-half of Cantopop duo Twins with Gillian Chung. She’s also an established actress with roles in shows such as Funeral March (2001), Simply Actors (2007) and The Storm Warriors (2009). Also known fondly as Ah Sa, Charlene is currently romantically linked to Anthony Shi, whose family owns a billion-dollar mahjong den business.

These days, Charlene is busy managing a beauty business that she co-founded in 2018 named Enfantskin. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that Charlene also fronts the business. Turning 39 on November 22, Charlene still maintains a cherubic baby face that many would envy. Keep scrolling to find out how you can achieve her youthful appearance too.

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