How digitalisation has helped hospital patients

Ang Shin Yuh is the Deputy Director of Nursing Quality Research & Transformation at Singapore General Hospital. Her research work focuses on well-being of the nursing workforce, the care environment and nursing sensitive indicators such as pressure injuries and falls, and in 2019 she was the recipient of the President’s Award for Nurses.

Majority of my research work focuses on nursing sensitive quality indicators such as pressure injuries, falls and phlebitis. Some of my work also revolves around nursing well-being and care processes such as the impact of technologies on nurses’ workload and job satisfaction.

I believe that half the battle is won when we provide patients with the right resources. For example, the MyCare app enables patients staying in the wards to access their individual care information anytime via an application installed on iPads by their bedside in the wards. It also comes loaded with interactive features including a messaging function for patients to ask questions about their care plan or to put in specific requests for water, pillow and housekeeping services.

The bedside activity device is one of our attempts to encourage patients to maintain and keep up with physical activities such as simple sitting and standing exercises even when they are hospitalised. We have been looking into digitalisation for several years and amid the Covid-19 situation, it has further increased our momentum in the last few months.

I believe that well designed digital technologies will make patient care better, faster and more cost efficient. For example, if we can empower patients with a wound care app, they can minimise their trips to the hospital, while being reassured that a clinician is monitoring their wound healing progress remotely. Clinicians will also be able to prioritise patient care needs more effectively if they can monitor patient’s reported signs and symptoms on a near real time basis.

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