Halsey suddenly halts concert at iThink Financial Amphitheatre

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — TMZ is reporting that song artist Halsey’s efficiency Tuesday on the iThink Financial Amphitheatre was once impulsively paused.

Halsey stopped the song, kneeled on degree and addressed fanatics off the mic. According to a number of witnesses who spoke with WPTV NewsChannel 5, there was once a small incident within the pit that the artist selected to deal with.

Halsey then addresses the target audience and mentioned:

“While I have you, I just want to make a statement, make a reminder, you know. I know we’ve been locked inside for a long time and we forgot how to act like f—ing people. But, everybody is here because they love the same thing that you do, so make sure you treat them with compassion, community.”

Some witnesses characterised the incident as bickering amongst fanatics. Others mentioned it was once a small struggle.

“Yes, there was a fight in the pit and people were getting hurt,” one Twitter consumer informed WPTV.

97.9 WRFM Video of Halsey

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