Gov. DeSantis addresses Florida Sheriffs Association meeting in Citrus Ridge

Gov. DeSantis addresses Florida Sheriffs Association meeting in Citrus Ridge

comes to my desk, he’s followed through on everything for us. We are very, very fortunate. We have had *** blessed year uh with the legislature and what governor do. Santos has done for us as sheriffs and our employees and as *** result for the citizens of this great state governor santa’s without any further ado we welcome you. Thank you. Thanks so much. Great to see you all. God bless you. Thank you. Thanks for what you do. Thanks for the introduction. So glad to live in *** free state. I’m so glad you guys helped make that happen. Well, thanks Sheriff, thanks for the intro. It’s wonderful to be here. I start off with an observation about *** debate that three of our founding fathers had and the debate was between Benjamin Rush, thomas Jefferson and Benjamin franklin. And the debate was about what was the world’s oldest profession and Benjamin Rush was *** doctor. And so he said, well, the world’s oldest profession is the physician because eve was cut out of adam’s rib. So it has to be the physician thomas, Jefferson said, well, and jefferson had designed Monticello and other things. So jefferson said, no, the world’s oldest profession is the architect because it was the architect that brought order out of all the chaos in the universe and franklin said no, that’s not true. The world’s oldest profession is the politician, who do you think created the chaos in the first place. And I think what we’ve seen over the last many years with what florida has done what we’ve done in our communities in terms of law and order and many other things, you know, have shown that the states that have had sound policies, the communities that have had sound policies and good leadership have done very well. The ones that have done bad policies and I’ll talk about some of those, you know, they are reaping the the the the benefits, I guess. You say they’re they’re reaping what they sowed on doing really stupid things. And so, you know, part of what we’ve done in florida just on *** meta level and we believe in actually wanting people to succeed here. If people open *** business, I want them to do well, I want people to have good paying jobs. I want all that to happen. We have the, I think we’re the second lowest per capita taxes for any state in the country. We have no income tax and we’ve cut taxes every year since I’ve been governor. So we respect people’s freedom and we want people to be able to realize their dreams. And you have other states that have really gone the opposite and they’ve tried to push effectively push people out of their States, all of people that will start businesses here. And they’re like, man, the state of florida actually wants me to do well that wasn’t how it was in New Jersey or new york or wherever they were. So we’ve ended up if you look over the last year and *** half more than that since covid, you know, we’ve outpaced the country uh national average on employment growth, labor force, all those different things and it’s because you know, we had better policies and *** lot of the places that did worse, you know had really poor policies. And of course Covid exacerbated that because you had some of these states they just kept locking people down and restricting and mandate. And we said no in florida we’re gonna lift people up, we’re gonna protect people’s rights. We’re gonna make sure that people have an opportunity to put food on the table. We’re gonna make sure people have *** right to run their businesses and all the kids have *** right to be in school in person five days *** week. Which was not the case in most parts of the country and that and also we did not. And this was something that we protected law enforcement, fire rescue nurses, even people that work for normal companies by saying, you know in florida no one should have to choose between *** job they need and *** Covid shot they don’t want. So we fought vaccine mandates and if you think about what they wanted to do, you have people that have been on the front lines from the time. Covid hit law enforcement fire E. M. T. Medical professionals and many other people in different aspects of life, logistics people, truckers, all this stuff to make sure that everything could could go and you weren’t able to zoom in, You had to be there and you had to do so you’re doing that for *** year, year and *** half, whatever. Then all of *** sudden they want to impose these mandates and say no, you can’t work unless you do this. Most of these people had already had covid by that point, but you know, this is your individual decision to be able to do it. And if you also look what the federal government has done to the military members by kicking out these military personnel over this thing, you know, and *** lot of them had to make *** tough decision because maybe they have *** certain number of years and and they want to be able to reach retirement. Uh so sometimes people just go ahead and submit others uh just said stood their ground and said we’re not gonna do that, you know? But how is that saying as *** country thank you for your service by kicking people out over something that doesn’t stop you from getting infected in the first place. I mean that’s just what is so unbelievable about all this stuff and in fact, I think if you look at the data now, you know, the people that have had multiple boosters are actually more likely to get infected right now and I mean, you know, I said very um publicly already that with President biden who did get Covid that that we do sincerely wish him *** speedy recovery. I’ve also said, I wish the United States *** speedy recovery from his policies because we’re not doing very well with that. But that’s just the reality. But you know, it just shows, I mean, biden does, I think he does booster shots *** lot right. And they do all the stuff and that’s fine if you want to do that, but still gets infected. So this does not stop that. And I’m glad we stood up. We saved thousands of jobs around the state, tens of thousands of jobs in law enforcement amongst first responders. You know, look, the state of florida, we were not going to impose that on our state law enforcement. Most of the sheriff’s here would, would not have imposed that on their forces. But you know, we have some jurisdictions that may have tried to do that. Actually some of them were trying to do with fire and, and some of those other stuff. So that was *** huge thing to be able to stand up for people. And I’ll tell you families now will move to florida because we ban forced covid shots for school Children. That’s *** parent’s choice. School district can’t force that. So parents are coming from California and all these places because we are providing that freedom of choice on that. So, so you saw that and, and we’ve led the country and net in migration and I’m not recruiting people to come to florida. Like we’ve got *** lot of great people, We’ve got *** lot of great opportunities. Um, some governors just beg people to come to their states. I’m not doing that, but it’s *** free country and people are allowed to travel where they want, you know, something can you restrict people coming in florida? You’re not allowed to do that constitution. If we could, I would set up an immigration system and we could do that, but we can’t. So it is what it is. Um, but people have come and so people, and this has been like *** big deal. The states that have done lockdowns and taxes and all that have lost. *** lot of people florida’s gained texas and others have done to, We’ve done the most. Tell you though, you talk to these people, particularly the families, yes, taxes, certainly the covid insanity, they wanted to get away from *** lot of those arbitrary lockdowns and restrictions but feeling safe and, and, and law and order was, has been *** huge thing that florida has distinguished itself versus *** lot of these other states. You know, and it’s not just the states, you know, you would think of, you know, blue versus red. You know, you have places, we have people moving from Buckhead in Atlanta to florida and numbers we’ve never seen before because the crime is just absolutely off the off the rails there. I’ve talked to people in, in southern California, like in Los Angeles, very nice places and they have to take off the women have to take off their jewelry just to go shopping. And these are even in nice areas because you can steal *** certain amount and rob people and the prosecutor will not prosecute you for doing that. So that’s created *** culture of lawlessness. And you think back, How did New York City go in the 80s and early 90s, from just *** total cesspool to being *** city that, that had took crime seriously, saw declines and murders, all that stuff they focused on the small stuff. They created *** culture of law and order. And that ended up also leading to fewer really serious crimes. So you have *** movement in this country for certain prosecutors to say, you know what? We’re above the law effectively is what they’re saying. Yeah, the legislature, you guys can elect people to your legislature, you can pass laws, you can have the governor signed the laws. But if we don’t like that law, we’re just going to ignore it. You want to prosecute people from going into *** store and stealing. We don’t think that that’s consistent with social justice. So we’re not going to do it. And you see that in city after city in this country and the result has been catastrophic. You’ve seen crime go up. Uh, these places that have these prosecutors, um, it’s dragged down the vitality of the places. Uh, it’s really started to fray the social order. And so that has no place in the state of florida. You know, we believe in enforcing the law across the board and if you don’t like the law, then go run for office the legislature and try to change the law. But you don’t take it upon yourself as *** prosecutor to just simply ignore the law. And so we’re very much opposed to that movement amongst those prosecutors nationwide. And I think we’ve had some play footsie with it here in florida to do that. And the danger is if you look at san Francisco, they recalled the district attorney there, which *** lot of people thought was not possible of happening. If you look at the vote on the recall of doing it, you know, the very affluent areas voted to keep the prosecutor why? Because they’re immune from *** lot of this stuff. You know, they have security, they have they live behind gated walls, whatever, who voted to recall all the working class people voted to recall this guy. Why? Because they’re bearing the brunt of these really destructive policies. The same thing with defunding law enforcement. You have the movement with two, I mean, they’ve had tax on law enforcement for longer than just two years ago, but two years ago, you know, you have all these protests, many of them devolved into riots and the whole mantra was defund law enforcement that somehow if *** criminal is committing *** serious crime, you can call out *** social worker, and that would be better than having somebody with *** bad show up. Um, and so it was insane at the time. We said that in florida that it was insane at the time, but you know, there were jurisdictions around the country that indulged this idiocy. They slashed funding for law enforcement in places like Seattle new york city, all these other places. And again, just like you do *** prosecutor that says, we don’t care about the law when you take people off the street, when you cut resources. And honestly, as much as that was *** problem, the signal that that sends, I think is even more of *** problem because it’s telling the people were in the uniform, you don’t have support. So why would you want to stick your neck out into *** situation knowing you can do everything right? And then you could end up the bad guy because you don’t have support from the community and the elected officials and all this stuff. So it was really, really harmful and that contributed to crime going through the roof. You look at what’s happening in new york where they eliminated cash bail. So this guy is *** friend of mine running for Governor Lee Zeldin, you got *** guy that was trying to stab him and then what happens? He gets put right back on the street, like no, no cash, just put right back on the street, very minimal charge. Uh, and then just go and that’s the way it is. Uh, and you wonder why they have so many problems, uh, in *** lot of their urban areas in particular, and people have been fleeing it. So we’ve rejected all of those types of policies. We also believe in truth in sentencing. If you do the crime, you do the time. I don’t know why they’re releasing *** lot of these criminals off the street or out of jail and putting them back into the street. That is never proven to be successful anywhere, um, in the modern history of our country. So we’re not gonna do that here in the state of florida. I mean, we understand that there are folks that mean to do harm in our communities and when they do, they need to be brought to justice, um, and they need to pay the penalty for that. Uh, so we’re gonna be committed to doing that. So, in florida as they were doing the defund, you know, we said, we’re not gonna do that. And we actually passed legislation saying *** local government in florida cannot defund law enforcement. We’ll just put the money back if they try to do it. Because if you think about it, these local government races, sometimes you can elect people to these local governments and what you get *** *** slim majority on some local government and they do these, these idiotic things and then the citizens have to pay the penalty for that. You know, we’re not gonna let them cut off their nose to spite their face. And so we have protections there. So that’s effectively off the table in the state of florida. And we also beefed up our penalties for people that may be engaging in mob violence or rioting or looting, particularly when they’re targeting law enforcement in those types of things. You can’t just take their mug shot and put them back on the street. They need to be in jail. Uh, so they’re in jail now until first appearance and the penalties are increased here in the state of florida. And I think that’s part of the reason why we’re not viewed as ***, as *** state that people want to come, you know, and do *** lot of this and because they know that’s not gonna end up well for them, so we’re going to continue being very strong on that. And then we were able to say, okay, they’re defunding law enforcement. So we’re gonna fund, so we did from the state for the first time ever, every sworn law enforcement, municipal, county and state, uh, in the last budget, you got $1000 bonus across the board And we were proud of that. And, and honestly, it’s it’s always nice to get more money. Of course, you know, when we, when we proposed $1000 bonus, I think it was probably sometime at the end of 2020 that was worth *** little bit more than it is now with all the inflation that we’ve seen. But nevertheless it’s important and people I think appreciate, but it was much more than the money was just, it was *** token of our support from the state for the mission that the men and women of law enforcement have and the importance of that to *** healthy and free society. And so we did that and we were able to do it again. Uh, so this current fiscal year started july 1st. I know they’re working on putting together the checks and so I don’t want to say the checks in the mail, but it will be in the mail soon and everybody um and all our, all our sheriff’s deputies and um, and as well as our police officers are going to get $1000 bonus again for the second year in *** row. So we’re proud of being able to do that. Um Yeah, okay, yeah, we’re also proud of being *** place that law enforcement around the country looked to as *** source of inspiration and many want to come here. We did the recruitment package where they come, they can get *** $5000 signing bonus. You know, we’re defraying *** lot of the cost of any exams or things that have to take, but we also wanna make sure that people growing up in florida view this as ***, as *** noble profession. And so we expanded scholarships for people to go to law enforcement academy and we gave every law enforcement family the ability to do our school choice program because that’s *** very good program, but it’s really geared towards low income families and mostly single mothers. But we’ve raised the income eligibility to try to get it more into the middle class because especially certain parts of the state, you know, you can make *** decent amount of money and it still costs *** lot. So we wanna be sensitive to that. But we also said, you know, if you’re in law enforcement and you want to participate in our school choice program, you know, whatever your income level is, you are, you are in and you’re not gonna be excluded on that basis. So now families have the option to take the scholarship and take it to the school of their choice. That’s anywhere in the state of florida, uh, for the, for the sons and daughters of people who are active in law enforcement. I don’t think any other state has done that. So that’s *** huge benefit that we were able to get enacted this year Starting July one. And so we’re really proud of that. Um, you know, we’re also just proud of what we’ve been able to do. I know we did more for the sheriff’s themselves in terms of the compensation that the sheriff’s got. And then I know I talked with *** lot of the rural counties about making sure that they had money to increase the deputy salaries. And so that was *** pretty big deal, yep. We also took care of our state law enforcement. We had the largest uh compensation increase for state law enforcement agencies in the history of Florida. Uh, so most of them got about *** 15% salary increase when everything was considered. And so we’re proud of that and we’re going to do more going forward. We also did *** lot with corrections to make sure that we are keeping people involved there. And so I think if you look at the last particular last couple years, I don’t think any state has done more to support law enforcement than the state of florida. And so we wear that as *** badge of honor. We’re happy to be doing that because we understand how important these these issues are. And you guys, I know you’re gonna talk about *** lot of different things. I mean, you see the drugs and the problems that that that that’s been *** massive movement of fentaNYL across the border. The number one cause of death for people 18-45 in the United States is now overdosed from fentaNYL and that would not have happened. That would not be the case if we had operational control of what’s going on in the border, but we don’t. And so here, we’ve sent people there, we’ve been involved were suing on catch and release. You know, we’re working on interdicting uh criminal aliens or people being smuggled, particularly in Northwest florida and directing them out of the state of florida. We’re working on, we just impaneled *** statewide grand jury or in the process of doing that to be able to identify people that may be facilitating the smuggling because *** lot of times the smuggling, there’s people in the United States who are communicating to be able to get that. Um and it creates huge problems for our communities. And so we’re doing *** lot on it. People say you’re not *** border state, what do you care? It affects us, Every one of you here knows that that affects us, it affects us with the drugs, it affects us with the criminal activity. And then even people that are coming over who are not engaged in that just the sheer number of people that are being dumped into our communities. You know, you see the mayor of new york city and Washington D. C. Mayor now because texas started bussing to those cities and you know, they’re very supportive of an open border until it affects them and now they’re like, oh man, we just can’t accommodate, it’s gonna hurt our health care and educational. Yeah, exactly. That’s why people don’t want open border because they actually want to be able to put their own citizens first. And so you’re seeing that? I don’t know what relief that you’re gonna see at the border anytime soon. I mean I’ve said I would send National Guard to help texas. If they stopped them from coming over to begin with, you know, they let them in, then you stop them, give them to the feds and then the feds just release them. So what good does that do? So if you’re gonna repel from coming in or remove back across the border, I would send people to help for that. Because I think that that would be the deterrent. The problem is now people know if they just get to the border there in and there’s not gonna be any any people really turned away. So you’ve had massive numbers of people coming. Uh and the results have been very very difficult. I do think we are doing well in this case in the panhandle. Uh and we’ll see in terms of the relief we get. But you know, when trump was president, if I had someone in state prison who was an illegal alien, the minute their sentence was over ice would take them and send them back to their home country when biden came in, you know, they would not take all these aliens, so some of them they would just release back into society. And I’m just thinking to myself, this is somebody that’s here illegally. They’ve committed *** crime, they’ve ended up in prison. Why would you release back into society? Just take them and return them. Uh, and so, you know, we’ve shined *** light on it. They’ve actually taken more because we’ve made an issue of it. But that is not consistent with good public safety. Good public safety would say *** criminal alien for sure should be, should be sent back. So that’s going to continue to be *** major issue and we’re gonna continue to do what we want. You know, we did increase the mandatory minimums for the fentaNYL analogs in this past legislative session. You think about it, fentaNYL when you’re dealing that there’s *** high chance that someone will overdose on *** very high chance that they will die from doing this compared to pretty much any other, any other narcotic that’s out there. So I think that those folks that are pushing that they should be dealt with very severely because they are effectively murdering people by putting that into circulation and putting it on the street. And now you have so many things like they’ll put it in marijuana, they’ll put it in all these things. So none of this street, none of these street drugs with fentaNYL out there. Um, they all, I think have *** possibility of having this stuff mixed into it. It’s *** huge, huge problem. So we just have to throw the book at these folks. And so that was what we did is one of the big, big portions of that and we’re really happy that we were able to do it. You know, we also were able to do *** program that we call the hometown heroes program. So anybody, it’s not just law enforcement, it’s law enforcement, fire E. M. T. Nurses, teachers, people that are intro community be able to get assistance for for buying *** home. There’s *** lot of demand to buy homes in florida now. We’ll see within with the interest rates that have gone up. I think they’re gonna raise them even more. And then I think you’re gonna potentially we may already be in *** recession. I mean florida is doing better than the country as *** whole. But this is just the result of *** lot of these these Washington policies. So we’ll see kind of how that shakes out. But the bottom line is, Yeah, if you want people to work uh in these agencies, you know, you need to have the rank and file be able to live in the community. I mean people don’t want to have to commute an hour and *** half just to go just to go work. And so we’re very sensitive that so we put $100 million down for that. We’ve already paid out. I think we’ve done about $12 million dollars already in down payment assistance just in the so far in july which the money just became available july 1st. So we’re gonna keep doing that uh to make sure that folks are gonna be able to do, you know, they come from some parts of the country and they can find deals here because some of the other places have really high cost of living, maybe they make *** lot of money when they sell their home, You know, but at the same time, particularly *** lot of young people, you know, they may not be able to get in there. So we did that and we’re really happy with that and we’ll continue to do more in that regard. We also did *** great bill, Senate bill 2-6 about our retired canines. And so you now have *** program in the state of Florida that will provide care for retired canines. And so you have the um, you know, the vet bills and things of that nature, you know, so we put hundreds of thousands of dollars in there uh for them to be able to um to take care of those folks because, you know, they’re serving as well and they do *** lot of great stuff for our community. They do *** lot of great stuff for our sheriff’s departments and our police departments all around the state of florida. Uh, so this is just *** small token of our appreciation by being able to provide. You know, usually the handler will take them when they retire to be able to make sure that that’s economical and that they’re not going into the Poor house with vet bills. And so, so I was happy that the Legislature did that and I was happy to sign it into law. So we’re just gonna keep going. We’re gonna keep doing what we um what we said we would do. I think that people are seeing the difference in the state of florida versus many of these other jurisdictions. And uh, at the end of the day, I think it’s sad that the direction that these places have gone, but when people look to see how it’s done right, uh, that maybe educating more people about maybe reversing course on some of these destructive policies that we’ve done. So as long as I’m governor will be standing with the folks who wear the uniform, we understand that public safety is paramount and we truly believe that the folks uh, who are working for our Sheriff’s departments and our police departments really are serving in *** noble profession. And so it’s an honor for me to be here. Um, and I look forward, I think we’re gonna do *** swearing in. So I think we’re gonna do the board of directors and then we’re gonna do the new officers and the new president. So however you want to do that. I’m happy to lead the way. Okay, Stand right here. Yeah, yeah. At this time I’d like to call up our board of directors for their swearing in by the governor. I’d like at this time for, from District one Sheriff Mac McNeil of Jefferson County, Sheriff, Tommy Ford of Bay County, Sheriff Jared miller of WAkulla County District to Sheriff Rick staley of flagler, Sheriff Gator DeLoach of Putnam, Sheriff scotty rhoden of baker from District three Sheriff Mike Prendergast of citrus, Sheriff Billy Woods of Marian, sheriff john mina of Orange County And from District four sheriff Jim Potter, Desoto County, Sheriff, Kevin, Rambos, Collier County and Sheriff Paul Blackman of Highlands County. If the board will join us on stage please. Okay.

Gov. DeSantis addresses Florida Sheriffs Association meeting in Citrus Ridge

Gov. Ron DeSantis delivered remarks at the Florida Sheriffs Association Banquet Tuesday night.The meeting was held at Omni Orlando Resort in the ChampionsGate neighborhood of Citrus Ridge.

Gov. Ron DeSantis delivered remarks at the Florida Sheriffs Association Banquet Tuesday night.

The meeting was held at Omni Orlando Resort in the ChampionsGate neighborhood of Citrus Ridge.

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