GB News: Dan Wootton slams ‘cowering’ Boris Johnson as PM slips 10 points in polls | Politics | News

However, addressing Mr Johnson directly, Dan Wotton slammed the Prime Minister arguing his absence made him look like a “lame duck” that had “admitted defeat”.

He said: “Boris front up, hiding from your own people is beneath you literally cowering away in the Downing Street flat.

“You claim someone in your family we don’t know who has tested positive for coronavirus.

“That is the worst possible thing you could do right now.

“It’s not even the covid law so it makes you look like you’ve admitted defeat, it makes you look like a lame duck.”

Mr Wootton, a self-confessed lockdown sceptic, claimed that Mr Johnson’s absence was coming at the time when the covid news was becoming more positive.

He said: “Daily covid cases have fallen nearly 40 percent in the last week showing that our Omicron wave is literally collapsing.

“We’ve made countries such as the Netherlands and France that plunged themselves into pre-Christmas lockdowns with the most dystopian restrictions look ridiculous.”

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He said: “You’re facing an utter mauling in may’s local elections.

“The utterly hopeless leader of no opposition Keir Starmer has somehow eked out a 10 point lead in the polls.

“Let’s be honest nobody wants a Prime Minister Starmer not even his own deputy.”

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