Frogs taking over Fort Myers sports complex

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Visitors on the Sam Fleishmann Sports Complex are observing their steps when strolling at the grounds.

This week athletes spotted masses of child frogs all over the park and complicated.

“They’re all over the court. We were trying to not step on them and kind of shoo them off into the grass,” stated Steve McDonald of Fort Myers.

Families working towards within the baseball fields on Monday say the small children pop up once a year, however have by no means been this many sooner than.

“For the kids it might be fun to see all these frogs jumping around, but they’re going to get much bigger and obviously when they get bigger they become problems with pets,” stated Philip Kraver of Fort Myers.

Visitors concern the frogs are invasive and may well be toxic to animals.

They counsel strolling on sidewalks and paved roads, in addition to maintaining a tally of pets when visiting.

NBC-2 has reached out to Florida Fish and Wildlife for more info at the species. We’re ready to listen to again from mavens. 

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