Florida Family Thaws Turkey in Swimming Pool

A Clearwater circle of relatives thinks outdoor the icebox in relation to defrosting their Thanksgiving turkey.

Mark O’Donnell’s yard swimming pool is not just for swimming. His circle of relatives began a practice in it – have compatibility for Florida.

“One Thanksgiving we realized we forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer, and our uncle was here from up north. And we just said, ‘hey let’s throw it in the pool,’” O’Donnell recalled.

2020 marks the 18th yr of the circle of relatives custom. O’Donnell shared the instant on social media.

“So, sure, people, we thaw our turkey within the pool that’s the way you do it while you are living in Florida, proper?” he stated on Facebook Live.

Every yr a distinct relative will get the honors of tossing the turkey into the pool.

“Honors to chuck it in the pool are kind of the ridiculousness of it,” O’Donnell stated.

The honors in 2020 went to Uncle Chuck.

“Threw it in the pool and let it fly,” stated Chuck Bullock. 

In 2019, it used to be Aunt Mary Frances.

“And that girls and gents is the way you thaw a turkey,” you can listen in one of the crucial movies.

Thawing time for the 16-pound turkey for 2020 used to be four-and-a-half hours.

People have numerous questions posted on social media.

“They do, they do,” stated O’Donnell. “The turkeys are sealed, right? And we always check for any leaks. So far in 18 years, we’ve only had one that we’ve had to double bag, so there’s no blood in the pool or chlorine in the turkey”.

Some turkey communicate on social media, others succeed in out with gratitude, thanking the circle of relatives for a much-needed giggle.

“If we made any individual smile, just right for us. Hopefully they’ll smile Thanksgiving, too,” stated O’Donnell.

The circle of relatives’s dinner party makes them smile. The aspects are able, the turkey is completed with its dip within the pool.

“Right now it’s within the cooler ensuring it’s staying protected, after which we brine it for roughly 8 hours. And then we quilt it in butter and seasonings like our grandma taught us,” stated O’Donnell.

“This yr it’s a citrus, so we’re doing like oranges, tangerines.”

This is indisputably Thanksgiving within the sunshine state.

The circle of relatives says after 18 years, they have got by no means had a foul chook. And this yr, those kin are thankful a circle of relatives custom survived a tricky yr.

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