Five Reasons Miami Dolphins Fans Love Preseason Football

The Miami Dolphins’ 2022 preseason pushes away from the dock this Saturday, August 13, at 7:30 p.m. against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium.

Football is happening and the Dolphins and Bucs are involved. That much is confirmed. This we’re sure of.

Whether the product that takes the field is a good representation of what either team will look like when the regular season commences is less assured. Quite the contrary, in fact. The first preseason game is notoriously poorly attended by your favorite players.

Tom Brady, for one, will not be present.

That’s fine, though. True Dolphins fans will tell you the first fake football game is merely a harbinger of the good times to come.

Here are five reasons the first Dolphins preseason game is one of our absolute favorite days on the Miami sports calendar.

Holiday Season

For most, the first sign the holiday season is near is Halloween candy and costumes taking over real estate in Target. For NFL fans, preseason football gives us the butterflies just knowing it’s that time of year, even if it’s still 95 degrees outside.

For some, pumpkin-spice lattes signal fall. For Dolphins fans, it’s fifth-string safeties returning punts in the fourth quarter of a preseason game.

Goodnight, Marlins!

We wish it didn’t have to be this way, but the fact of the matter is the arrival of Miami Dolphins football means the departure of Miami Marlins baseball. It’s a tradition like none other in South Florida.

Sure, many will still watch the Marlins games. And good for them. But for the rest of us, it’s a valid reason to cash in our chips and call it an MLB season. We’d much rather follow who’ll make the 53-man roster than watch whatever is happening in the clip above into September.

Preseason Trades

Nothing says peak preseason football hype more than fans getting excited about trades that, in the grand scheme of things, mean very little. It’s like catnip to sports fans hungry for something more than tweets about practices.

NFL teams are constantly looking to churn the final few spots of their roster, and every once in a while they find a diamond in the rough. Because of this fact, fans are addicted to following roster moves.

Give Dolphins fans all the fourth-string-tight-end-for-a-sixth-round-draft-pick trades they can handle. Hell — trade the pick back for the exact-same player just to entertain us. We love it.

Appointment TV

Between the time it takes for the Miami Heat season to end and the Dolphins to return, there really isn’t much appointment television going on in South Florida sports. This season, fans were treated to a brief Florida Panthers playoff run. Normally, it’s a desert.

Nothing beats planning your entire day around a night game. Marlins games happen three, four, or five times a week. Even a Dolphins preseason game is reason enough to be near a TV and crack a cold beer.

Football Town

Don’t listen to the noise. Miami is and will always be a football town. The Miami Heat have done a damn good job making things close, but football will always be king in Miami. Preseason football is the return of Miami’s favorite sport — no matter what people born after 1985 tell you.

The NFL owns a day of the week, and the Miami Dolphins are a shareholder. Preseason football is just the appetizer for what is the beginning of a months-long meal. 

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