Farewell, Pincho Factory. Hello, Pincho!

More than a decade in the past, Nedal Ahmad and his cousins Otto Othman and Nizar Ahmad made up our minds that their yard barbecues had been so excellent that they will have to open a cafe.

So the trio opened a spot in Westchester and named it Pincho Factory. The identify used to be a nod to the kebabs — referred to as “pinchos” — it served, but it surely used to be the insane burger creations that tapped into Miami’s culinary zeitgeist: Burgers that used tostones as buns and guava within the ketchup become so well-liked that the solitary retailer ceaselessly grew right into a South Florida chain that now boasts ten places.

The eating place used to be rising, however there used to be one downside, in line with Othman: “Some people — especially non-Hispanic people who weren’t aware what a pincho is — thought we were an actual factory.

In 2019, less than a decade into their endeavor, Othman took a gamble with the chain’s hard-won name recognition and shortened the name to “Pincho.”

The company had planned a complete rebranding, including changing the signage on all locations. Then the pandemic descended. “When COVID took place, we could not spend $150,000 to switch indicators, so we saved it,” Othman says.

The restaurateur views it as a compliment that loyal fans are true to the original moniker, akin to Miami Dolphins fans persistently referring to the team’s stadium as Joe Robbie.

Othman admits it’s hard to change a name but insists it makes sense. “We have aspirations to extend globally, and we want other folks to know who we’re,” he explains, adding that delaying the signage change has caused confusion. But with plans to open locations in Texas, Orlando, and Tampa, he says, “It’s time other folks get started calling us Pincho.”

It’s been nearly three years in the making, but Pincho is now ready to embrace its truncated moniker.

On Thursday, May 19, at its flagship Westchester location, the company will host the first leg of its “Drop the Factory” tour, in which each Pincho in turn will celebrate the signage changeover with specials and freebies. Guests will be treated to free Pincho burgers and vaca frita bowls from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and can purchase those items for $5 apiece from 1 to 10 p.m. (The promotion is limited to one per customer and is for dine-in service only.)

Othman says the original sign will be transferred to a prominent place inside the Westchester store as a homage to the past. “The Bird Road location is the OG eating place,” he says. “We have to keep in mind our roots.”

In the coming weeks, other Pincho locations will follow suit, changing their signage and hosting “Drop the Factory” parties. (See the Pincho website for additional party dates).

And for those who insist on calling their beloved, locally grown burger joint Pincho Factory after all these years, Othman’s fine with that.

“If you continue to wish to name us Pincho Factory, then you have been with us from the start and we like you. Thank you for by no means forgetting who we’re.”

Drop the Factory Party at Pincho Westchester. 10 a.m. to ten p.m. Thursday, May 19 at 9860 SW fortieth St., Miami; pincho.com.

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