Emma Raducanu given time frame to ‘adjust’ after US Open win in Pete Sampras comparison | Tennis | Sport

He continued: “The positive news for her though, she’s hired a coach who’s worked with Kerber, who’s a multiple Grand Slam champion and world No 1.

“So I think adjusting to all the demands, all the hype, all that stuff, and making sure she has her team solid. It seems like that’s in place now, so this off-season is going to be important, and I think she’ll adjust.”

The retired pro-turned-pundit on Prime Video also reminded people of Raducanu’s age, and commended her for handling her overnight fame so well.

“Well let’s not forget I mean she’s just turned 19 years of age, what are most 19-year-olds doing around the world?” he laughed.

“You’ve got to look at it, she’s put all this spotlight on herself because of her brilliance as a tennis player but she’s got to mature into the person she wants to become, and on top of that she’s got to be comfortable because it’s a whirlwind almost being unknown to probably being a global superstar.

“It’s a big transition but I think something she’s smart enough to handle. And if she’s well-managed and she puts a team around her that’s consistent for a long period of time, there’s no question she’s going to have fantastic success.”

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