Dumping at Golden Gate Estates homes has neighbors enraged

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — A ship, beer cans and motorcycles. Those are simply one of the most discarded pieces you’ll in finding amassing in a single house of Golden Gate Estates. Now neighbors need other folks to forestall treating their properties as a landfill.

Chris Satter purchased his Golden Gate Estates house for the privateness, woods and natural world. Ever since he moved in, he stated trash troubles have plagued his finish of 4th Avenue SE.

“It’s a constant problem,” stated Satter. “Probably at least once a month somebody is dumping.”

He stated vans used to deliver their trash to the facet of the street, visual to Satter and his neighbors. Now, the trash sits about 100 yards right into a 5-acre plot of woods out of his quick sight.

Satter stated the trash is ruining some neighbors way of living.

“A lot of the neighbors enjoy going back there, walking their dogs and their pets,” he stated. “You have to watch out there’s broken glass everywhere, there’s tires and it’s not a good thing.”

Pictures of the most recent dumping has others who live to tell the tale the road, like Kevin Carvajal, feeling disrespected.

“That’s just crazy people are dumping there and thinking they can get away with it,” stated Carvajal.

Satter stated he’ll name code enforcement who will come and take away illegally dumped pieces, however the issue simply helps to keep getting worse.

“There’s just very little management of these undeveloped lands out here,” stated Satter.

Neighbors stated they consider enforcement and catching the folk within the act is also one of the most most effective tactics to forestall it.

“Not only are you trashing the environment and making it a dirtier place but you’re disrespecting all your neighbors who work so hard to keep our streets and out homes and our properties clean and beautiful,” stated Satter.

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