Dr Hilary tells Good Morning Britain everyone is likely to get Omicron

Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones has claimed everyone will catch the Omicron Covid variant at some point during the pandemic.

The new strain of the virus continues to spread across the UK – with daily Covid infection numbers in their tens of thousands in Scotland alone.

Studies have shown the variant is much more transmissible than the ones that have come before it, while early data suggests the extent of symptoms could be much milder.

Calls for herd immunity has increased in recent weeks, with some calling for an immediate end to all restrictions.

But Dr Hilary has hit back at these claims while the NHS continues to be overwhelmed with patients, Wales Online reports.

He said: “You can’t say just because it’s milder, let’s forget everything we are doing, and let it spread around the community so we’ve got herd immunity.

“We’re still flattening the curve, trying to allow the NHS to cope. We want less people infected all at once.”

He added: “Ultimately, probably everybody will get Omicron, vaccinated or not.

“But people will have it less severely if they are vaccinated with all three jabs, and we’ll have less people in hospital and the NHS will be able to cope.”

Nicola Sturgeon yesterday said the Omicron situation in Scotland is looking more ‘encouraging’ in light of recent data.

In an address to MSPs, the First Minister urged Scots to remain cautious as daily Covid cases still remain very high across the country.

She said: “The increased transmissibility of the Omicron variant is still causing very high levels of infection here in Scotland, across the UK and in many cases around the world.

“However, while the situation – not least for the NHS – does remain very challenging, there are some early indications in the data that offer some encouragement.

“it is very likely the situation we face now, though serious, would have been more challenging without the renewed sacrifices made by people across the country over the past three weeks.”

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