Dog severely burned in animal cruelty case visits domestic violence victims in Pinellas

If you’re a sufferer of home violence wanting assist and a protected position to head, touch Hope Villages of America at their 24-hour hour hotline by means of calling 727-442-4128. Confidential and loose consultations are to be had by means of calling 72-7441-2029 from 8 a.m. to six p.m. Monday thru Friday.

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A canine critically injured in a case of animal cruelty visited sufferers of home violence in Pinellas County on Thursday to supply some convenience.

Denali used to be a sufferer of arson in 2018, struggling critical chemical burns. She spent two weeks receiving remedy at BluePearl’s in depth care unit prior to being launched. She used to be followed by means of the Suncoast Animal League volunteer who transported her to get assist.

“I said if she were to survive, I would love to foster her because I am a medical foster for Suncoast Animal League. And so she came home with me and continued on that journey with bandage changes and everything and she bonded with my dog Lexi,” Karey Burek stated. “And months after she was medically cleared to be adopted, I couldn’t let her go.”

Becoming a staff to supply treatment for others wasn’t first of all in Burek’s targets. But as Denali recovered, she let her knew proprietor know she used to be able to assist others. They at the moment are a licensed treatment staff thru Project Pup.

Burek stated Denali’s “greatest joy in life” is assembly new other folks.

“Honestly she’s the one that’s taken me on the path for us to be a certified therapy team. That kind of wasn’t in my wheelhouse but once she was healing, the shelter would get a lot of calls for her to come and visit,” Burek stated. “People wanted to meet her because she just became this larger-than-life story in the Tampa Bay area when it happened and Suncoast Animal League has a huge social media following, so everybody was following her story and they basically looked at her as more than a dog. She was a symbol of overcoming trauma and hope and kindness and forgiveness because when you see her, she just is love. She wags her whole body.”

That hope Denali brings to sufferers of home violence is one thing Tracy Wiecking, the vp of abuse services and products at Hope Villages of America, sees each and every week Denali visits the safe haven.

“It’s a story that makes Denali a living example of a creature whose most basic trust in humans for safety and for love was violated and that parallels so often [with] our guest’s stories, too,” Wiecking stated. “And so the remarkable thing is kind of that story of if Karey can, you know – through her care of Denali – has allowed Denali to overcome this, and you’ve seen her first hand, [she] is just full of love and energy that maybe that’s a lesson that all of our guests can learn, and our staff too, that we’re all capable of regaining trust and love again and deserving of it.”

Hope Villages of America is hoping to quickly grow to be a pet-friendly safe haven, and Denali helps them thru that transition. Wiecking stated 48% of people that have pets which can be considering of going to shelters for protection don’t as a result of they’re nervous they received’t have ok puts for his or her puppy to stick.

It additionally lifts the temper of his personnel, as smartly.

“It’s not only for our guests but also even our staff, because many of our staff have also gone through abuse situations in their own life and, of course, it’s a high-stress job from time to time and so having Denali come in felt like the right thing to do to give people that sense of just calming and slowing things down,” Wiecking stated.

Burek stated Denali has no lingering bodily problems from being burned and is doing smartly.

“She just kind of is enjoying life and she also at home, I continue to be a medical foster, and so she fosters the puppies and the dogs that come in and kind of helps them be a dog again. It’s really something special to see how she is with other animals and with people. She just is like a magnet. People are just drawn to her because of that,” she stated.

Hope Villages of America’s Outreach Center gives a number of home violence services and products, together with protection making plans, improve teams, felony advocacy, 911 mobile phone distribution and extra.

You can apply Denali and Burek’s adventure of serving to others on Instagram.

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