Couple reunites in the U.S. after wife escapes war-torn Ukraine

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – After completing his contract with the Air Force in Texas, Tyler Watkins stated he deliberate to sign up for his spouse Sasha in Ukraine whilst she waited for a brand new U.S. visa for a partner.

“But then when the war started,” Sasha Watkins stated, “everything changed and we had to come up with a completely new plan.”

They met 4 years in the past whilst he was once dwelling in Largo and he or she was once dwelling in St. Petersburg on a piece visa. After that expired, they stated they needed to marry in another country in December 2020 all over the pandemic.

Sasha stated she had her doubts about whether or not Russia would if truth be told invade.

“Tyler said you need to get out of there because the longer you wait the harder it will be to leave Ukraine,” she stated, recalling their dialog the day the invasion started in February.

The subsequent day, she stated she took a teach from her homeland of Lviv within the western a part of Ukraine to Warsaw, Poland.

“It was a major relief to me,” Tyler stated, “but that wasn’t the end of it, so I really wanted her to be with me during this time.”

Tyler instructed News Channel 8 he contacted Congressman Charlie Crist’s workplace on the lookout for assist to hurry up his spouse’s visa software procedure.

“The folks at his office were more than helpful setting up the avenues to get it fast-tracked based on a humanitarian issue,” he stated.

In overdue March, Tyler traveled to Poland to convey her the documentation she wanted.

“Once we got everything processed into the embassy at Warsaw, she needed to have her birth certificate, social security card that she had when she came here for her work visa,” he defined.

After a long-distance begin to their marriage, the couple says they’re thankful to be again in combination.

“It just took us a pandemic and a war to get a visa for me,” Sasha stated, “but yeah, it meant a lot I was able to finally travel and come here to visit Tyler’s family and start planning for the future.”

Tyler stated if any individual else is in a identical scenario with family members escaping Ukraine all over the warfare, he strongly encourages them to name their member of Congress.

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