Chelsea: Romelu Lukaku to start v Tottenham but Thomas Tuchel cannot make transfer promise | Football | Sport

However, Tuchel didn’t make any assurances about Lukaku’s long-term future at Chelsea.

“He did not do this intentionally to create this kind of noise. It’s very important to stay calm and understand it’s not as big as maybe people want it to be,” Tuchel continued.

“It’s not a small thing, but it’s not the biggest thing out there, and it does not make a comeback impossible. This is what we prove now.

“There are zero doubts in his commitment to the team and the club. He is willing to adapt. We have no doubts he will be a big influence and have a big impact.

“I don’t know how he feels about his long-term future, but he has a long-term contract and is fully committed.”

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