Celeb Hot Spots In NYC That You Must Visit

So you’ve booked your plane ticket to New York after living on a diet of lettuce and dust for months, your bags are packed and meticulously weighed, and you’re all set to head to the city that never sleeps. You’ve even blocked out a day in your itinerary with the words in capitals “HUNT FOR FAMOUS CELEBS IN NEW YORK” splashed across your Google Calendar.

The only question remains: where does one begin?

On any given day, there are at least a handful of famous people in the city. Just on a recent trip to New York, I managed to catch a glimpse of a very famous monster-fighting sheriff and a famous NBA player (not that I would know who, since I only wear basketball shoes as a fashion statement). But you get my point.

So to try and help you narrow down some of the places where you should be looking (emphasis on the word try), here are some places in New York commonly frequented by your fave stars. And if you don’t spot anyone, at the very least you’ve checked off another cool place off your list!

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