Britain would send troops to Finland in event of Russian invasion under new security deal, Boris Johnson says

A brand new safety care for Finland will see British troops deployed at the floor within the country within the tournament of a Russian invasion, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated.

He stated the deal, signed on Wednesday in a while after a an identical one used to be agreed with Sweden, would see the 2 international locations “always come to one another’s aid”.

Earlier Mr Johnson had stated the United Kingdom would “not hesitate” to shield Sweden towards any risk from “21st-century tyrant” Russian President Vladimir Putin as he issued public fortify for the rustic becoming a member of Nato.

Sweden and Finland aren’t lately Nato individuals however are taking into account becoming a member of the army alliance in gentle of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The offers signed sought to formalise earlier declarations, made through the United Kingdom Government, that it will come to assistance from Finland even with out Nato club.

Mr Johnson seemed at a press convention in Helsinki along President Sauli Niinisto after the 2 had signed the historical declaration.

He stated it used to be “not a short-term stop gap” while the rustic thought to be Nato club “but an enduring assurance”.

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“Our armed forces will train, operate and exercise together, marrying our defence and security capabilities and formalising a pledge that we will always come to one another’s aid,” Mr Johnson stated.

Asked if there can be “British boots in Finland” because of the declaration, Mr Johnson stated: “In the event of a disaster or in the event of an attack on either of us, then yes we will come to each other’s assistance – including with military assistance.

“But the nature of that assistance would of course depend upon the request. But it’s also intended to be the foundation of an intensification of our security and our defence relationship in other ways as well.”

Challenged on whether or not making a “military ring” round Russia would inflame tensions with Vladimir Putin, Mr Johnson insisted Nato is a “defensive alliance”.

“Nato poses no threat to anyone, it is there for the purposes of mutual defence,” he stated.

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Mr Johnson stated the “solemn declaration” between the United Kingdom and Finland displays the “extreme difficulty of the times we are in”.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “sadly has opened a new chapter”, Mr Johnson added, caution Europe used to be experiencing a “pivotal moment in our shared histories”.

Speaking to the BBC throughout his talk over with to Stockholm, Sweden, stated there used to be “general anxiety” round safety throughout Europe because of the Russian aggression.

He added: “There is a separate conversation going on in Sweden about Nato membership. That may come to a head in the next few days and weeks.

“It is not for the UK to intervene in that debate. Suffice to say that we would strongly support Sweden’s accession if that was what the Swedes chose to do.”

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