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Ray Bassett, former Irish Ambassador to Canada, Jamaica and Bahamas, has suggested the country’s Government never believed Britain would see Brexit.

He said then Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and current foreign Minister Simon Coveney believed the EU would be able to overturn the referendum from June 2016.

Mr Bassett said: “I’m quite convinced, in fact, they did say it to me, that at the early stages Ireland was absolutely convinced that Britain… that the Brexit referendum, the results of that would never be carried out.

“Because there was such a history of European Union being able to overcome these local democratic outcomes.

“So the view was and I heard it from themselves directly that, you know, Ireland would work with the sort of ‘responsible’ party in London, in other words, the remainers in London.

“To kind of thwart Brexit and that was the whole thrust of their programme.”


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