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UK fishermen reportedly have ‘more work than ever’ post-Brexit after a port in Devon landed a £40,000 catch. 

Brixham Fish Market, reportedly landed £43.6million, beating its previous record of £40.3million for 2017. 

According to MailOnline columnist, Robert Hardman, business is “positively booming” across the rest of the UK. 

In his latest column, he said: “It is positively booming, to the extent that this grand old Devon fishing harbour has just had its best year ever.

This is a town that is cheerfully raising two fingers to shroud-waving Remainers peddling the post-Brexit, post-Covid apocalypse narrative that we are heading for the economic abyss.

“What’s more, Brixham depends on an industry which, more than any other, should have been crippled by the double whammy of leaving the EU and the coronavirus — at least, that is, if you listen to gloomsters on the Opposition benches.

“And yet this port has just clocked up the highest sales in its history.

“For, in 2021, Brixham sold £43.6million of fish.”


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