Boris Johnson faces mounting pressure over No10 party scandal ahead of PMQs

Boris Johnson faces mounting pressure over the Westminster party scandal from rivals and his own backbenchers in another backlash at the Commons.

The Tory leader will square off against Labour chief Keir Starmer at lunchtime after a torrid week.

But he also faces a battle from his own side after reports Tory MPs could try to force their boss out of office as the party sinks behind Labour in the polls.

We also revealed how Lib Dems are targeting Tory MPs in Scotland to put in their own letters of no confidence in an attempt to oust Mr Johnson.

On Tuesday, the under-fire PM insisted again he didn’t know he was breaking the rules at the major bash.

He denied claims from former aide Dominic Cummings that he was aware in advance of the bash which broke lockdown rules.

No one should have to tell you what the rules are.

– Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster leader

The Prime Minister is also being condemned by Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

Senior SNP figures have repeatedly urged the Conservative chief to step down from his post over the scandal.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

On social media, Mr Blackford wrote: “You’re the Prime Minister, for goodness sake!

“No one should have to tell you what the rules are – you put them in place.

“Boris Johnson is taking the public for fools with these increasingly ludicrous excuses. When will Tory MPs finally remove him from office?”

The party later stated: “Boris Johnson’s excuses are simply not credible. He must resign.”

Tory Party civil war

The lockdown party scandal has also sparked a civil war within the Conservatives between Westminster and Holyrood.

Last week Tory minister Jacob Rees-Mogg branded Douglas Ross a “lightweight” figure after the Scottish leader calls for the PM to stand down.

Scottish Conservative MPs aside from Mr Ross have relented from saying Mr Johnson should quit.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly said he will wait for the results of an inquiry led by civil servant Sue Gray to emerge.

On Tuesday it emerged she will speak to Dominic Cummings after his latest damaging claims over the scandal.

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[Boris Johnson faces mounting pressure over No10 party scandal ahead of PMQs]


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